dr. Attila Lénárdt

Attorney-at-law, legal expert on energy law, managing member of LT Legal Lawyers' Association

Attila started his career in the credit sector, working first as a junior and later on as a senior legal counsel in the legal departments of various banking institutions.

He has been a member of the Budapest Bar Association since 2013. His key clients include energy companies, real estate investors and small and middle sized enterprises. Owing to his wide range of clients, Attila possesses unparalleled local and legal knowledge of the cases taking place in the area of the old Csepel Művek (a major Hungarian industrial area). Be was the Jurist of the year in energy law in 2017.

Fields of expertise

• Energy law (with a special focus on electricity, district heating production and trading)

• Real estate/investment (land law)
• Company law
• Financial law
• Administrative law and procedures
• Labour law

Civil and trade association activities

• Member of the law committee of the Hungarian Energy Traders' Association
• President of the Association of Employers and Manufacturers of Csepel


Trainings, conferences and lectures planned by education coordinator companies
Energy Production Systems Engineering


•Hungarian: native
• English: professional (advanced - active)
• German: basic level

Budapest Bar Association registration number: 19676
Address: 1013 Budapest, Attila út 37. II. lph. V. em. 1.
Telephone: +36 30 270 5785
E-mail: attila.lenardt@ltlegal.hu
Tax number: 50239706-2-41