Dear Clients,

Due to the Covid-19 coronavirus and the state of emergency, we are hereby making the following information available to you.

Our Association - in accordance with social distancing guidelines in place - is lowering the number of personal meetings to a minimum, in order to protect the health and wellbeing of our clients and our workers as well.

The above voluntary restrictions will not cause any obstacles in the functioning of LT Legal Lawyers' Association.

We are hereby notifying our clients, that signing documents that must be counter-signed by a lawyer (e.g.: incorporating a company / modifying its information, selling or bestowing of real estate) does not need to happen in the lawyer's physical presence. The Act on Lawyers and the internal regulation of the Hungarian Bar Association allow for a counter-signature by a lawyer, if the person signing the document is identified beforehand on a video call before signing the document.

Our Association uses Skype for the abovementioned processes.

For further information please contact us in one of the following ways:

Mobile phone: +36 1 798 9699 / +36 30 270 5785